Today my group went to toyota service centre.
My group was see how toyota as a big mark in car put the management on their company to make customer happy And make sure that their customer will come back.
something that makea toyota service centre very different from another service centre. For the first time when you are get there, you’ll be classified by the you are booked for your car care and then every employee in there are very kind and have a very nice service to you. If you booked and on time customers, their be very appriciate that. And in there have a very exclusive waiting room while you waited your car, they give you a drink like an hotel, give a meal and some food, there’s a highspeed wi-fi, a very nice room, and the time you are waited it won’t be boring.
I was thinking why toyota as a famous mark still think anout satisfaction of the customer? Because i thing even they don’t give a very good facility they still have a very big customer in the world. But i realized that the customer satisfaction is the most important thing to make the company success, this is one part of management. How the company taught about the customer very carefully, what are customers needs and wants, so the customer will be a loyal to the company

Created by: Group 3 (Ellen, Lisa, Stefani, Fanny, Nelly and Nia)

Our Experience part 1 (Toyota)


One thought on “Our Experience part 1 (Toyota)

  1. indi says:

    I agree with you 100% on this. I mean customer satisfaction is indeed the most important thing to make a company successful. Giving the customers the products of best quality and services for the price is what every company ought to do. I know that customer satisfaction is more than just giving the customers an enjoyable environment when they bring in their vehicles for due maintenance. But it’s just give you the idea that even a big car company already famous for the quality of its products still feels it necessary to make sure that its customers receive not only the best product there is when they buy a Toyota car, but can also expect the best after sales service afterwards. Putting your customers first, that’s the key philosophy that can be learned from this visit to a Toyota Service Center.

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