Our Experience part 2 (SMS)

Friday is always a good day to hangout with the girls. Just like usual, we always have plan to choose which mall we want to visit.
Last Friday, we decided to went to GrandCity mall because there’s an event there, and the event was called Surabaya Motor Show, (you may think girls like us don’t like such an event like that, hehehehe)
We went there and look around the event, we think that management in this event could be a good topic for this diary.
In SMS, it was just the same like the other motorshow, but there’s one counter that interest me, the counter was Piquai Oil, i think the counter is seriously work for this event, because we knew, to involved a big event like this, it must be cost a lot of money. When we talked about this event we might talked about marketing, but we must knew that in a large event like SMS, a really good management was seriously needed.
Back to the oil counter, the oil counter recruited young girls to be SPG (Sales Promote Girl), i thought that was a good idea to interest young people, but the thing that make me surprise was the SPG, i think she’s a clever person, because she knew everything about the product, she could answer all of questions that people asked about the product and she seems really knew about the product, because sometimes a pretty SPG is just used to attracted customers, and when customers asked, the marketing people will explained everything and made an image that SPG job was just like a “pretty robot” to attracted customers, but in this Piquai Oil counter all SPGs’ are different. I really impressed with SPGs’ work in this counter, and the Piquai Oil counter always crowd with a lot of people, they’re not just asking about the product, but also buy the product.
And the point was the owner of the product choose SPG not only to attract customers with her beauty but also choose a smart young people, i believed that at first the owner give some job training to all SPGs, to gave them knowledges about the product, so they’re not just wandering around like a pretty robot but also could explained a little about the product, maybe the SPG wasn’t knew everything about the detail of the product like marketing people, but at least they knew a little about the product. That was a good management from the owner to have multi-talented employees.
This is a fun day to share our hangout experience! 😀

Created by: Group 3 (Ellen, Lisa, Stefani, Fanny, Nelly and Catherine)


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