History of McDonald’s Strikes Indonesia


The story begins when Bambang Rachmadi established the first McDonald’s restaurant located at Sarinah, Jakarta in February, 20 1991. After he made the franchise agreement with McDonald’s, the business became very successful and achieved the highest gross monthly income at that time. So, McDonald’s was so pleased and asked Bambang to form a Joint Venture to expand the business.
Of 25 restaurants he has, Bambang turned 12 restaurants into the joint venture. But things started to change when McDonald’s announced that it will terminate all remaining partnership and joint venture agreements with Bambang and selling his 10 percent share in their joint venture.
This all happened because the venture owes U.S. McDonald’s parent company approximately $ 130 million, according to a statement by McDonald’s, Bambang breaking obligation to transfer the equipment at his former company store at fair market value, and set the rent for the restaurant in question to McDonald’s.
In November, 17 2009 McDonald’s forbidding any restaurant operations in Indonesia under the brand name of McDonald’s. So, in October,  1 2009 McDonald’s changed becameTony Jack’s Indonesia. There are 13 McDonald’s restaurants owned by Bambang Rachmadi changed. In 2010, Tony Jack’s Indonesia bankrupt and it was taken position by McDonald’s. Until now, McDonald’s still developing and still becomes popular fast-food restaurant  in Indonesia.

Created by : Raymond pm


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