coca cola new innovation


Coca-Cola Great Britain is taking further action to be ‘part of the solution to the global problem of obesity’.

The new actions announced by Coca-Cola GB are focused on the following three areas:

Giving people simple and clear information about the calorie content of its drinks.
Encouraging people to get active and take part in regular physical exercise.
Continuing to offer people more choice in what they drink and raising awareness of low- and no-calorie alternatives.
The first step involves the launch of a series of new adverts in the UK. A two-minute video called Coming Together is set to air on ITV and Channel 4. It will be followed by a second spot called Be OK.

The videos form part of a global advertising campaign launched by The Coca-Cola Company earlier this year, aimed at explaining the importance of ‘energy balance’ to manage weight.

The company also announced it was taking further action to implement the commitments made 11 months ago as part of the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal Calorie Reduction Pledge, to which Coca-Cola was an early signatory.

Created by : Lisa Maritseda ( group 3)


One thought on “coca cola new innovation

  1. Jessica wijaya says:

    Informative article!! The new innovation of coca cola that be a part of the solution to the global problem of obesity is a good idea.. It’s proved that cocacola care with the health and well-being of people in the world …

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